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Past Presentations & Newsletters

Title Date
Laybuy Investor Newsletter - Sep 2022Opens in new window 09/09/22
Q1 FY23 Results Presentation webinarOpens in new window 08/08/22
Laybuy Investor Newsletter - Jul 2022Opens in new window 01/07/22
Laybuy Investor Newsletter - May 2022Opens in new window 16/05/22
Q4 FY22 Results Presentation WebinarOpens in new window 28/04/22
Q4 FY22 Results PresentationOpens in new window 28/04/22
Laybuy Investor Newsletter - April 2022Opens in new window 5/04/22
Q3 FY22 Results Presentation WebinarOpens in new window 27/01/22
Q3 FY22 Results PresentationOpens in new window 27/01/22
Laybuy Half Year FY22 Results and November Trading UpdateOpens in new window 02/12/21
Investor Presentation for Laybuy WebinarOpens in new window 01/12/21
FY22 Half Year Report 23/11/21
Research Report - Laybuy GroupOpens in new window 12/11/2021
Laybuy Q2 FY22 Results WebinarOpens in new window 01/10/21
Q2 FY22 results presentation 28/10/21
Laybuy investor webinar - Affiliate launchOpens in new window 16/09/21
Laybuy AGM 2021 recordingOpens in new window 26/08/21
Laybuy investor webinar - The Fragrance Shop UKOpens in new window 18/08/21
2021 AGM Notice of meetingOpens in new window 06/08/21
2021 AGM Online webcast guideOpens in new window 06/08/21
Q1 FY22 results presentation 28/07/21
FY21 Annual Report - a message from the Managing DirectorOpens in new window 09/07/21
FY21 Annual Report 09/07/21
FY21 Results investor webinarOpens in new window 27/05/21
FY21 Results investor presentation 27/05/21
Capital raise webinarOpens in new window 19/05/21
Capital raise presentation 19/05/21
Bell Potter Decoded Conference presentationOpens in new window 28/04/21
Q4 FY21 investor webinarOpens in new window 20/04/21
Q4 FY21 investor presentation 20/04/21
Share Café presentation videoOpens in new window 09/04/21
Share Café presentation 09/04/21
Investor Presentation E&P Investor Conference 24/03/21
Q3 FY21 investor presentation 28/01/21
FY21 Half Year Report 23/11/20
FY21 Half Year Results Investor Presentation 23/11/20
Q2 Business Update Investor Presentation 22/10/20
Bell Potter Emerging Leaders Conference Presentation 17/09/20